It’s just me, Rick Davis or Roodavis on most social media or tech forums. Sure I have friends available to help me out when I come across something I don’t quite understand. But you will never see them. They are a great group of MacAdmins around the world. Of course to truly support technology in education you have to know more than just macOS. In the past ten years ChromeOS has taken over a lot of the technology used in education and Microsoft will always be there as well. I have been a Google Admin since GAFE appeared 10+ years ago and I have been impressed with the changes made by Google to embrace K-12 Education needs and the strides they have taken to meet the needs of individual users, higher education and enterprise. macOS is still my primary platform. When it comes to Windows, I do what I can, but generally speaking I still leave the Windows stuff to the experts and call on them as needed.


My goal is not to replace your IT Team. I bring 20+ years of K-12 IT support experience to HELP your IT Team, staff, administrators, teachers and students make the most of your IT investment.


Some people might call it “cheapskate”, I know how tight the tech budget can be in K-12 Edu. So I am always looking for the least expensive tool to get the job done. Many commercial software products began as an OpenSource project and are still available and supported today. Using OpenSource tools allows me to help a small school or district save money. When it’s time for the commercial product, I’ll make sure you are ready and don’t waste your money.


I am not afraid to call in the experts. I will tell you where I can help and when you need to call in an expert. Hardware and Networking gear are two areas that I know my limitations. I can help you identify weaknesses and I have a list of expert friends to call on when needed. I have often been known to say “If your network needs help, I’ll need help. Let’s fix the network and then we’ll get things done.”


With 20+ years of experience in K-12 Education Technology Support in the Greater Cincinnati area, I have become familiar with a lot of great people that I can trust and know you can too. Some technology companies are only in it to sell you devices or equipment. I’m just here to help you make the best purchase. I have always said that I can walk into any school building and every device is working just the way it was designed and I can still find a full days work helping you and your users make the best use of your technology.


Supporting technology in education since 1999. Working with large public school districts and small private schools I have had the opportunity to work with most of the popular software products available and I’ve seen some come and some go. I subscribe to most major forums to keep up with the daily changes in education technology. I will work with your curriculum team, administrators and IT Department to help you find the right tool for your teachers and students.